Which fluorescent reagents can I use with LeviCell 1.0 and LeviCell EOS?

Guidelines for choosing the appropriate fluorescent agents for visualizing cells during levitation.

The LeviCell 1.0 and LeviCell EOS are equipped with 3 LEDs to visualize brightfield, as well as green and red fluorescent reagents. The LED for green fluorescence excites at 474nm and detects emission at 524/29nm, while the LED for red fluorescence excites at 560nm and detects emission at 628/33nm. See the excitation and emission detection ranges below:

Common reagents used for detecting cell viability, vitality, and markers (FITC, Calcein AM, GFP) are shown below:

Cell viability reagents Propidium Iodide (PI) and 7AAD are shown below:

Other green and red fluorescent reagents can be utilized, however it is important to ensure the desired reagents can be both excited and detected with LeviCell's optical configuration. For example, both mCherry and Draq7TM can be excited bed the red LED, however only mCherry can be detected in the current optical configuration for LeviCell. You can use a spectra viewer, such as the one provided by Fluor Finder to check compatibility of your reagent with LeviCell. For additional details please visit our support article for expanded details regarding samples visualization using LeviCell 1.0 or LeviCell EOS: Visualization of samples using LeviCell.