Using Resume Workflow

In the unlikely event that there is a software crash during a run, you can use the Resume Workflow to continue a run of a levitated sample.

Use the resume workflow when you have started a Levitation Run, and the software has crashed either during:

  1. Sample Loading
  2. Sample Levitation
  3. Sample Harvest

In all cases, you can access the Resume Workflow, by navigating to Resume software from the Main menu of the Experiment Manager. From there, go to System Tools -> Resume workflow.

image image (4)

How do I use Resume Workflow?

After selecting Resume workflow, you will be asked whether the sample was loaded. If you choose no, the system will aspirate your sample slowly through the cartridge. When the sample is in view, you may click Stop to end aspiration. The sample is now loaded, and the timer will start counting up.If you have sample left in the cartridge, the timer will start counting up.

image (5)

When can I aspirate to harvest my sample?

With the levitation timer counting up, you may begin aspiration to the harvest wells when you deem levitation complete.

image (6)

Which images will be captured during the Resume Workflow?

The resume workflow utilizes the same image capturing as the last experiment that run on the LeviCell. Therefore, if the previous experiment was utilizing Brightfield, red, and green channels, then upon using Resume Workflow, images will be captured using all three channels.