LeviSelect CD45 Depletion kit

Protocols, and user guide

The LeviSelect™ Human CD45 Depletion Kit is designed to deplete human CD45+ cells from a cell suspension during live cell enrichment on a LeviCell™ instrument and cartridge. The CD45+ cells will remain bound to the LeviCell cartridge consumable, while the CD45- population is separated from dead cells in the suspension and then collected in the top output well of the cartridge. The bottom fraction will consist primarily of dead CD45- cells as the CD45+ cells will be immobilized inside the cartridge.
The human CD45+ cells are bound by magnetic nanospheres conjugated with an anti-human CD45antibody. When loaded into the LeviCell cartridge placed within the magnetic field in the LeviCell instrument, the nanosphere-coated CD45+ cells are depleted from the suspension.

Download the LeviSelect Human CD45+ Depletion Kit, PN 1004001 Data sheet & protocol