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Is levitation appropriate for my cell output needs?

Guidelines for determining appropriate and optimal input number of cells.

The number of cells for your sample input will be dependent on your cell output needs, as well as other factors such as cell size, sample viability, and presence of debris. In general, the LeviCell can enrich live cells with sample input numbers between 10,000 and 10,000,o00. Again, this will be dependent on the overall quality of the input sample. For example, considering a sample that is debris-laden, a user may need to load fewer cell to ensure an effective enrichment and debris removal. Additionally, if a user requires a large number cells in the output but their sample has low viability, i.e. <10%, the required input may push or exceed the recommend cell range for LeviCell. Please see the graphic below comparing relative cell inputs for various clean up and separation methods compared to levitation technology.