How long does a run take?

  • This is dependent on the size of the particles being separated. Smaller particles on the order of 5 µm in diameter will take longer to reach their stable levitation height, on the order of 40 mins. 
  • Typical mammalian cells with a diameter of ~10 µm require 20 min to reach their stable levitation height. 
  • Very large cells with a diameter of 20 µm or more levitate very quickly, and will reach their stable levitation height in 5 min or less. 
  • Cell preps with debris - therefore a heterogeneous mixture of live, intact cells at a fairly uniform size plus debris ranging in sizes - may take longer to reach equilibrium than just the size of the live cells, as it is the debris that’ll take even longer to separate away from the live cell band.  It is better to levitate compromised cell preps and/or those with debris longer than for less time.